Western Baptist Convention

We are honored to host this year’s Western Baptist State Convention of California Mid-Winter Board Meeting here at Greater New Light Baptist Church! As esteemed leaders and passionate members of the Baptist community, we invite you to participate in this enriching event. Together, we’ll delve into crucial discussions, strategic planning, and spiritual renewal, aimed at propelling our churches and communities forward. This gathering isn’t just about meetings; it’s about fostering connections, sharing insights, and igniting the flame of faith within us all. Join us this winter for an unforgettable experience of fellowship, growth, and empowerment. Let’s unite under the banner of our shared beliefs and chart a course for a brighter future together. We eagerly anticipate your presence at this pivotal event!

Schedule of Events:

March 2nd

11:00AM – Young People’s Department, featuring WBSC Young People

1:00PM – All About Relationships Panel

March 3rd

3:00PM – Gospel Concert, hosted by Dr. Patrick D. Ross

March 4th

7:00PM – Prayer and Praise Hour, with Bishop Dexter Kilpatrick

March 5th

8:00AM – President’s Breakfast

9:30AM – Business Meeting, presided by President J. Benjamin Hardwick

6:45PM – Ushers, Nurses, and First-Aiders, with Sister Carolyn Chapman

March 6th

9:00AM – Laymen Auxiliary, with Deacon Calvin Armstrong

5:00PM – Laymen Auxiliary, with Deacon Calvin Armstrong

March 7th

7:45AM – Women’s Breakfast Session

9:15AM – Women’s Morning Session

1:45PM – Women’s Luncheon and Fashion Show ($20 Donation)